This latest body of work is centred around the artist’s recent experiences in nature; including vistas of mountains, waves, studies of ocean-scapes and various coastlines. Designed as a collection of immersive, large scale ‘painterly vistas’, the intent behind this work is to represent a motif of bodily nature through the use of gesture and mark making with oil and charcoal.

Themes to the work include the signification of gesture, use of recessional space to infer expression and abstraction of image to denote sensation when viewing the work. Using a hybrid of linear drawing and rapid, visceral application of paint, the artist’s intent is to present a mapping of space for the viewer to explore visually.

The motifs of panorama and striking scale to the works are designed to immerse and evoke an otherworldly sense of depth and atmospheric precipice. Referencing concepts of the Sublime and Neo-Romantic insights into the legacy of landscape painting, these works will present an internal journey and reaction to external space. Critical to the work is the reference to phenomenology, inherently romantic observations of vista and the artist’s relationship to the natural world.


Sponsored by Michael Harding Oil Paints, I recently voyaged to Cape Cornwall in search of new inspiration and landscapes to sketch. Part of a new body of immersive large wave studies, this work is the largest vortex piece I have created, capturing the atmosphere and vibrancy of the powerful summer Atlantic Coast.

(Works in progress)

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