Based between London and Suffolk, artist Jessica Oliver works from landscape and natural environment in both paint and sculpture. Her primary focus painting is to represent the phenomena of the elemental natural world. Having studied classical painting in Florence, Italy, and after pursuing her degree in Fine Art Painting at City and Guilds of London Art School & Masters in Fine Art at Brighton, she is a Michael Harding Oil Paint Ambassador and also the Art Director of Hackney Wick’s new London ‘Artist Residency and Gallery’-Anderson Gallery at Carpenter’s Wharf.


”When painting from landscape my intent is to represent the light, immersion and vibrancy of the subject and painterly medium. The viewer’s exploration of atmosphere and the visual and visceral surface of the paintings is my main focus. Currently I am using abstraction to re-invent an experience of natural space and landscape.” Jessica’s new work is inspired by Neo-Romantic traditions of nature and the sublime. Currently she is working with a combination of drawing and painting gesture to experiment with how bodily mark-making can convey emotion and an authentic representation of space.